E Q U I P M E N T 

I currently own and operate the following equipment. 
         As a Cinematographer, I am also very familiar with
the use of other professional cameras and equipment from ARRI, RED, SONY, DJI, BM, GoPro, Bolex 16mm and MovieCam 35mm. 

List of Gear I own:


Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K


UAV DJI Mavic Pro 2 + PolarPro NDs

FPV Cinewhoop Protek 35 with GoPro 8


Insta 360 One + Invisible selfie stick

and tripod 


Nikon F2 (analogue)


Apple iPhone 11 with Moment Anamorphic 1.33 Lens and FiLMiC Pro App

Gimbal - DJI Ronin RS2

+ Simply gimbal FMJ 

Nucleus-Nano: Wireless Lens Control System

Tiltaing Mini Matte Box

Hollyland 400s Wireless system


Edelkrone SliderPLUS v2 M

Edelkrone Action module

Edelkrone FLEX TILT Head


RedrockMicro Shoulder rig 

RedrockMicro Manual Follow focus

SmallRig Cage for BMPCC

Osee T7 Monitor with Cage

Feelworld LUT7 - 7" Monitor

DJI Googles


Joby Gorillapod




Sigma Art 18-35 f1.8 (EF)

Sigma Art 50-100 f1.8 (EF)

20mm f1,4 Sigma Art (nikon FF)

35mm f2 Carl Zeiss Distagon (nikon FF)

50mm f1,4 Carl Zeiss Planar (nikon FF)

85mm f1,4 Carl Zeiss Planar (nikon FF)

Pinhole PRO Thingyfy -  SONY



82mm VND Tiffen, 72mm Orange streak, 82mm close-up diopter kit, 4x5.65 DreamFX

72mm VND Tiffen, 72mm Hoya PL, 58mm NDx16,Infra,UV, Close-up diopter kit.



 NikonG- EOS Lens Adapter 



1x Amaran 200d

4x RGBWW Aputure MC

4x RGBWW Aputure B7c

2x Lumceube

2x stands and power banks

1x Ipad Mini



5x Sony NP-FW50

7x LPE6

2x V-mount 154Wh

2x Nikon EN-EL15


2x 512GB Samsung T5


If you have an interesting project
you'd like to discuss, please feel
free to contact me at:
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